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Britain set for a 'Staycation' Boom!

When Garri Rayner started Go Glamping in 2008, the financial crisis loomed large over the launch of his online directory for holidays in cabins, treehouses and yurts. “I was thinking 'is this the right time to be launching this thing?'.” However, he found that the deep do... Read More

Published On: 30th April 2020

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Crowdfunder; Thank You!

A short and heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone who has supported us so far! Five days into a four week crowdfunding project to raise enough funds to survive the lockdown and pay the running costs of providing our guests trips once lockdown ends. The funds will be spent on fuel, parking, g... Read More

Published On: 14th April 2020

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Crowfunder; Please Support Us

A short montage of a few of the 15 years spent building our business, NOMAD Sea Kayaking is a unique kayaking business on the east coast and the only company with its own extensive fleet of kayaks and trailers. Developing, leading and managing unique trips that no one else offers on the east of Eng... Read More

Published On: 9th April 2020

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Pooping in the Woods

A detailed description of the ‘Leave No Trace’ process NOMAD Sea Kayaking uses for our guests toilet when on wild camping weekends. Being furloughed has provided the time we don’t usually have at this time of the year (start of our 2020 season) to communicate with our customers and... Read More

Published On: 6th April 2020

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Save US!!

Support your local, small business and help them to survive the lockdown OR you simply won’t enjoy that service again! And how is NOMAD Sea Kayaking managing their bookings through these difficult times? Post Script: NOMAD Sea Kayaking has published its COVID-19 risk assessment for all of the... Read More

Published On: 2nd April 2020

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Spread The Love!

In these challenging times of national lockdown, business being pushed to the brink and beyond, uncertainty and general insecurity, NOMAD has a short message of hope for all of our guests and members. NOMAD Community Projects are out there supporting our neighbours in our local community, taking car... Read More

Published On: 1st April 2020