Kayaking Courses

Sea kayaking is 20% training and 80% experience but we all need the basic knowledge to enable us to get out on the water safely in the first instance.  Our training programmes focus on the basic skills needed to safely paddle a kayak along the coastline of the UK. After the initial 'Introduction to Sea Kayaking' course, we offer comprehensive training in navigation, safety and rolling and all of our courses are completed with certification.

Nomad training programmes keep it simple and practical and does exactly 'what it says on the tin'. We want all of our guests to be totally happy with their choice of course, so please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all - we will include skills development that suit your specific needs wherever possible.

If your preferred date is not shown on our website, let us know and if available we'll open it on our website for you. 

Our Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not 100% satisfied with any aspect of your trip or course, we will re-book you on the next available date FREE of charge.

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